spinal cord injury, spinal cord injury treatment, oocyte extract, oocyte extract injections, bioova,Spinal Cord Injury Treatment: When people suffer trauma to the spinal cord, it can often result in damage which is regarded as unrepairable. This area generally holds an inability to regenerate server trauma to this region. BioOva
 Oocyte extract gives patients with spinal cord injuries real hope of regeneration.

Extensive research has been done in the past decade to study and establish the treatment efficacy our Oocyte extract injections in Spinal Cord Injury Treatment.

For optimum results we recommend combining Mesenchymal stem cell injections, along side our BioOva oocyte extract injections.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment: BioOva Oocyte Extract

Repair Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment: Three patients ages 25, 34 and 55-year- old suffered from complete and near complete tear within the spinal cord accompanied by dislocation of the spine due to significant traumatic injury. Clinical symptoms expressed in the temporary or permanent loss of cord function below the injured segments.

BioOva oocyte extract was introduced as follows: day 1 subcutaneous sensitivity test followed by day 2 with IM injection and day 3 with IV in 100 ml saline containing 5 ml of 5mg/ml bioquantine extract. Patients allowed accommodating to new medication and on day 7 and onward intrathecal injections with 27 gauge needle for the period of 2 months was conducted. In addition single intralesional injection of 1 ml (5mg/ml) of BioOva oocye extract was introduced to each patient by the end of cycle of intrathecal injections.

Treatment progress in SCI patients was assessed by MRI imaging and clinical observation of motor- and sensory activity. 

Treatment progress in three Spinal cord injury patients with complete and one near complete spinal cord transection were assessed by MRI imaging and clinical observation of their motor and sensory activity. According American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) classification all three SCI subjects reported to our studies as ASIA- A class patients (no sensory and no motor functions were preserved below the neurological level including sacral segments S4-S5). All three patient had been injured in motor vehicle accidents. First MRI exams were obtained within 24 to 48 hours of injury. Magnetic resonance imaging presented on Fig.11 are obtained from patients ages 25A), 34(B) and 55(C) who suffered from complete and near complete tear within the spinal cord accompanied by its dislocation due to significant traumatic injury. Clinical symptoms were expressed in the temporary or permanent loss of cord function below the injured segments with  poor post-SCI prognosis.

All patients taken into clinical trials were treated for the period of approximately 2 months. Sterile BioOva oocyte extract was introduced by mixed IV, intrathecal and intralesional routes. High resolution magnetic resonance images obtained after completion of BioOva therapy show visible regeneration and reconstruction of spinal cord along all length of lesion (Fig. 11).


spinal cord injury treatment, spinal cord injury, bioova, oocyte extract, oocyte extract injections,
Fig. 11 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of three SCI patients (A,B and D) before and after BioOva Oocyte Extract injections.

After two month of treatment patients demonstrate considerable improvement in sensory and walking ability and moving coordination. All three patients subsequently were moved from ASIA- A to ASIA-B neurological classification of spinal cord Injury.

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