BioOva Diabetes Treatment: Years of eating patterns that have put a strain on the body's ability to regulate blood sugar with insulin can lead to adult-onset diabetes in one's later years, also, along with all the additional risks diabetes brings along to the heart, circulatory system, eyesight, and more. 
Acute health problems also show occurrence increases with age, such as heart attacks and stroke. These in general are traceable to one or more of the chronic conditions stated above—an example, as we age and if we suffer with cardiovascular disease or diabetes, there is and obvious increased risk for a stroke or heart attack.

Diabetes is still one of the world leading causes of premature death. A person who becomes diabetic is in many cases required to adopt a complete life style change whereby a strict protocol of daily insulin injections is required for the rest of their lives. In addition, regular monitoring of their blood sugar level is required to ensure that there is no onset of complications. 

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Stroke:Up to four times as likely.

Blindness: Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness.

Heart Attack: Three times as likely, and heart disease is up to four times as likely.

Total Kidney Failure: Up to three times as likely.

Amputation: Diabetes is a leading cause of non-traumatic lower-limb amputations.

Diabetic Treatment : BioOva Regenerative Medicine

Diabetes Treatment Results

BioOva Regenerative Medicine Diabetes Treatment: The patient has been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 back in 2004 . Before bioOva Diabetes treatment the patient was on conventional treatment consisting of Metformin 1000mg/2td and  long-acting sulfonylurea anti-diabetic drug Glimepiride 4mg/2td to treat diabetes. The patient was suggested to start SC insulin injections due to uncontrolled diabetes. (glucose reading before BioOva treatment 373 mg/dl) Insulin treatment was rejected by participant. Participant was placed on 1 ml  peritoneal injections of BioOva regenerative medicine at concentration 10 mg/ml administered daily for 60 days.  

Patient’s blood sugar levels were monitored by conducting a routine tests for blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels.

BioOva Regenerative Medicine treatment used to treat Diabetes type 2.: Clearly indicates to powerful hypoglycemic effect of BioOva Regenerative Medicine. 

diabetes treatment, regenerative medicine, type 2 diabetes treatment, treat diabetes, stem cell therapy diabetes, stem cell treatment diabetes, diabetic treatment,From July 2, 2015 till February 16, 2016 the diabetic patient underwent conventional Metformin/ Glimepiride treatment which was  unsuccessful and suggested  uncontrolled diabetes. During conventional treatment patient’s plasma glucose concentration  increased from 235 mg/dl to 373 mg/dl and was ineffective. This approach to treat diabetes did not work for this patient.

After initiation of BioOva regenerative medicine as a Diabetes treatment on February16, 2016, in the matter of just 1 month+ the patient’s sugar readings dramatically improved dropping from 373 mg/dl to 105 mg/dl. Presently, the patient continues 1 ml of 10mg/ml IM injection of bioOva and his glucose concentration in plasma maintained in the range 85mg/dl-125mg/dl.


Other improvements from BioOva Regenerative Medicine as a Diabetic Treatment:

The patient also reported disappearance of blurry vision, improvement in night time vision and considerable relieve in dry, itchy skin,

These results strongly suggest that bioOva regenerative medicine treatment can help keep diabetic patient’s glucose levels within goal range. It is an effective regenerative medicine as a diabetic treatment. 

Patients are recommended to combine a Human Mesenchymal stem cell treatment for optimum anti-aging and health improvements.

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