BioOva Regenerative Medicine is a group of products based around a very special Oocyte Peptide Complex. This is because this Oocyte (egg) extract shows remarkable cellular repair, reprogram, rejuvenation mechanisms and to activate stem cells. Our Oocyte peptide injections has been studied for decades and is now available as a single treatment or in addition to a stem cell therapy program.

Some of our most exciting work in Regenerative Medicine treatment has been in the field of treating non-option patients who have not found been able to find beneficial treatments for their conditions, Some of the key area's which BioOva Ooctye peptide  has been used to successfully treat patients:


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Our product is an Oocyte (egg) peptide complex, which hold remarkable cellular repair, reprogram and rejuvenation. The peptide injections also activate stem cells. Our Regenerative Medicine is probably one of the leaders in this innovative medical sector. Take a step towards better health and a younger feeling.

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This remarkable Regenerative Medicine has be successfully used as a treatment and supplement. Most diseases potentially can benefit from using our Oocyte Peptide injections. If you do not see your conditions list, please contact us to find out about your case. 

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Depending on the type and the severity of the condition, a treatment program will be recommended. Most conditions require 3 months usage of BioOva injected in the recommended protocol. Our standard 3 month program will a cost of $3950 USD.

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BioOva Oocyte Peptide Complex

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